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Obtaining and maintaining balance is pivotal to your journey to beginning to be; a becoming woman. Here at Amazing Rare Rubies, we have established that becoming is a never-ending, on-going process and in much of the same way, so is balance. 

Are You Well-Rounded?

Well-Rounded, means having a personality that is fully developed in all aspects; someone who is skilled, capable and knowledgeable in vast areas or subjects. In other words................

Breaking Down the 7 Pillars 

Wellness is a deliberate state of being in good health which often times focuses on the body (our temple) but also encompasses the health of the soul. This includes:

  • Establishing healthy eating habits & detoxing

  • Routine exercising & being active

  • Utilizing your Spiritual & Mindful practices

Business is an career, profession or trade which, on a consistent basis, aims to make a profit via production, buying or selling of goods or services. This includes:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Invested careers & management

  • Higher education, training & certifications

Finance is the management, creation and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets and liabilities that make up today's financial systems. This may be on an individual, government, business or group basis. This includes:

  • Managing & eliminating debt

  • Understanding economics (i.e. stock market, taxes)

  • Financial planning


Spirituality is the quality of concern with the needs of the human spirit and/or soul as opposed to material or physical needs; a sense of connection to a higher power bigger than ourselves. This includes:

  • Learning how to carry out your life's purpose

  • Defining & maintaining a prayer life

  • Expressing gratitude with praise & worship


Mindfulness is a state of awareness in which we allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment. Practicing mindfulness encourages us to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings comfortably without shame or judgement; intentionally focusing on the now. This includes:

  • Practicing meditation

  • Spending time in nature/solitary sabbaticals

  • Minimize multi-tasking (ex. when you eat a meal, eat mindfully. Don't be distracted with t.v., phones or chatter)





Relationship is the way in which something is connected, whether it be people, concepts or objects.  In regards to people this may be romantically, kinship or friendship. Whereas in regards to concepts or objects, may include a relationship with money, food or material possessions. This includes:

  • Practicing healthy & effective communication

  • Setting boundaries

  • Understanding your role as well as the roles of others in any relationship (i.e. marriages, friendships, parenting)


Amusement derives from the French word amuser which means to be obsolete, distracting, diverting attention for the purpose of entertainment. The suffix "-ment" indicates a state of condition. So together, amusement is the state of being entertained or distracted. For Amazing Rare Rubies, we feel it is necessary to intentionally distract ourselves from the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that can eventually lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious if not managed properly. By incorporating amusement into our lives, not only do we allow ourselves some down-time and a well-deserved break, but FUN! This includes:

  • Enjoying a vacation or treating yourself to a spa day

  • Reading a new book, going on a date or visiting an amusement park

  • Spending quality, uninterrupted time with family, friends and loved ones

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