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What is the After Care?

           The After Care is a support system, a follow up action plan to aide you in becoming the woman you were created to be in addition to your spiritual routine such as church or bible study etc. The After Care is designed to help you put into practice the traits, wisdom and knowledge appropriately applicable to your journey; literally living the word of God. 

The Amazing Rare Rubies Organization IS The After Care

            The After Care is the heart of our mission and there are many ways you can implement it but it starts with YOU! This is your journey and you must invest in yourself in order to become the greatest and grandest version of you! Now that you have an understanding of the After Care, BEGIN TO BE! (right where you are; no experience necessary!)

After Care Tips On Beginning Your Journey

  • Visit our Subscriber page and submit a request for more information about ARR

  • Join our Facebook Lives every Monday @7pm 

  • Tune in to our Internet TV & Radio show(s) :

  • Keep up with us by considering subscribing to our organization 

  • Take the "Proverbs 31 Woman: Who Is She, She Is Me" class

  • Take the ABC's of Finance class

  • Invest in a copy of The Diffusion Process Devotional Journal

  • Stay motivated with the After Care Tools  and learn H.O.W

  • Begin practicing Ruby Traits 21-days at a time (found on the After Care Tools page)

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