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Here are a few things to consider:



We encourage you to seek God in prayer to prepare your hearts and minds, as well as those surrounding you, for the start this journey to “becoming” the woman He created you to be.

Our organization requires a commitment to invest in yourself in becoming the woman God created you to be.  This may  include but is not limited to attending Ruby Gatherings, Fundraisers Events, Retreats, Online Classes &  Webinars and other ARR related events

This decision is not to be taken lightly as the journey you are considering will be joyful, exciting, educational, painful, uncomfortable and even overwhelming at times but we guarantee you it is worth it.


That said, to the woman whom, the information given on this website, had her spirit moved, her heart warmed, her mind motivated, her soul quenched and her flesh convinced; this is a personal invitation to analyze and experience what it is to be an Amazing Rare Ruby.


Suggestions for Optimal Participation as a Subscriber:

Spiritual Suggestions

Our spiritual suggestions are quite simple. In order for you to receive the best experience and  get the best results from working with our organization, you must willing to put in the work. Once you make the decision to simply "Begin To Be Right Where You Are" along with prayer, fellowship and the use of our program, you will begin to develop, grow and maintain the spiritual characteristics (fruits)to support your journey.

Additional Suggestions

  1. Be open to biblical and spirit-led encouragement, teaching and guidance

  2. Listen to the "Dare To Be Rare" Potential Subscriber Pre-recorded Conference Call (coming soon) 

  3. For a Subscriber donation of $50 or more you will receive a Ruby Coaching consultation with ARR Founder, Meca McLendon 

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Investing in our organization is investing in yourself. Sow a seed by clicking the donate button.

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