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begin to be

Begin To Be simply means to begin to become the woman God created you to be by beginning, taking the first step. Amazing Rare Rubies teaches that there are no prerequisites required for beginning and taking this first step. The only experience necessary is whatever experience you currently have and have already acquired. 


Because God has already equipped you with every trait, skill and characteristic you will ever need to serve your life's purpose before you were even born.


You can Begin To BE right where you experience necessary

why begin to be ?

So that you can STOP worrying about your future and START walking into, developing, and creating your future! Here are some indicators within our 7 Major Pillars that further explains why you should Begin To Be:


  • Spiritually: Your should be tired of being a lukewarm Ruby 

  • Mentally: You should be tired o not being in a complete state of awareness regarding who you are, where you are and who you are becoming

  • Wellness Wise: You should be tired of feeding your spiritual , mental and physical body "just anything and everything; yet always expecting this trio to be in good health

  • Business Wise: You should be tired of starting and stopping in your career, profession and/or trade; and then placing blame on others for your lack of success

  • Financially: You should be tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, buying things that you do not need with money that you do not have; leaving a legacy of debt, all the while promising yourself that the next year will be different (failed new years' resolutions ring a bell?)

  • Relationship Wise: You should be tired of taking the people in your life for granted and then wishing you had loved them unconditionally when you had the chance

  • Amusement Wise: Well, this one kind of brings the other six pillars together. You should be really tired of entertaining yourself to the point of destroying  the progress you were making

begin to be
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