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 amazing rare rubies

Amazing Rare Rubies, LLC is a movement whose mission is to encourage women to become the woman that God created them to be.

We were founded by Meca McLendon in 2014  and officially launched in 2015. Amazing Rare Rubies’ first gathering, held in Meca’s home, was comprised of six women. These women stood in agreement with Meca and the vision God gave her and, as a result, became the first official members of the organization.


Today, it is the mission of Amazing Rare Rubies, LLC to encourage women to pursue their journey of becoming by maintaining our integrity, preserving our values and standing on our principles and beliefs. We desire to accomplish this is by incorporating the Word of God in every decision made, lesson learned and message taught.


What We Stand On: Our Motto, 7 Well-Rounded Ruby Pillars, The After Care, Ruby Traits, The H.O.W Formula


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We are Participating Sponsors & Contributors To:

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